Frequently Asked Questions

Is poster printing cost reimbursable?

Unfortunately, no the cost of poster printing is not a reimbursable expense.

If I need to fly to a different city after the workshop than my original departure city, will both flights be reimbursed?

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse the second ticket when the flight is not returning to your original departure city. We can reimburse the first flight to Charlottesville.

What documentation do I need to provide for travel reimbursements?

Flights/trains - purchase receipt including itinerary, boarding passes (if they are digital please take a screen shot on your phone prior to boarding the plane as they disappear after the flight has landed).

Meals - itemized receipt of food/drink purchased - we cannot reimburse if it is only the credit card receipt.

Parking - the detailed/itemized receipt with the details of the days parked (again not the credit card receipt).

Uber/Lyft/Taxi - if purchased on the app, please print and save the pdf of the full receipt. If in person, please get a receipt for the ride.

Rental cars - rental agreement (which needs to state the dates of car rental and total amount), copy of the final return receipt, copy of all itemized fuel receipts during the dates of travel, copy of any toll fees either from the EZPass on the car or from the toll booth.

When do I provide my documents for reimbursement?

For US students: after all travel has been completed, please compile all receipts and documents for reimbursement and send them in a single email to Jennifer Burman (jennifer.burman@virginia.edu). The last day to submit for reimbursement is 5:00 pm on June 5th.

For international students: after all travel has been completed please submit all your receipts via the link that will be sent out after the workshop.

Do I need to pay for my hotel?

If you are a US student (traveling within the U.S.) no, the workshop has booked and paid for your hotel room and taxes for 2-nights, May 28th and May 29th. However, you are responsible for any additional room charges, parking, and any additional nights.

If you are an international student (traveling from outside the U.S.) yes, you need to book and cover the cost of your hotel and submit it for reimbursement after your travel is complete.

Will hotel rooms be private or will Rising Stars be assigned a roommate?

Each US Rising Star will have a hotel room to themselves.

What if the taxi trips I need to take to and from the airport exceed the allotted amount?

For US students, we will still be able to reimburse your taxi expenses if they exceed the allotted amount, as long as they are necessary and not excessive. If you are an international student you will only be expensed up to the max provided by our sponsor per traveler.

Is it possible to attend the workshop remotely, if I am unable to attend in person?

Unfortunately, no. The workshop will not be recorded nor live streamed. It is setup in-person to facilitate organic interactions and networking with other CPS Rising Star peers, which cannot be done remotely.

What is the objective and who is the audience for the poster session during the workshop?

The objective of the poster session is to provide the opportunity to showcase and explain your research to the other workshop attendees and panelists, thus giving participants a chance to network with peers and opening the door for ongoing collaboration of future CPS research.

If I am planning to travel to the workshop in my own personal vehicle, how will reimbursement be processed?

If you are planning to drive your own vehicle you will be reimbursed by mileage calculated from your starting address (your current living address) to the Oakhurst Inn and back via google maps using the IRS mileage rate, $0.67/mi. If you pay any tolls, please keep the receipts from the toll booth and those will be reimbursed as well.

Do I need to do anything before traveling to the Rising Stars Workshop?

Yes, you received an email with an RSVP link and a Website Survey. Please RSVP and complete the survey.

If you are a US student you also received an email from UVA PaymentWorks. Please submit your completed PaymentWorks to register as a vendor. If you do not register as a vendor prior to traveling for the workshop we will not be able to process your reimbursement. International students do not need to register as a vendor with UVA.

Does the hotel have the ability to print my poster?

No, they are unable to print larger posters. There is a FedEx located at 2156 Barracks Road (434) 296-5000, that has the ability to print posters.

What size (dimensions) poster should I plan to bring?

The largest poster board we have is 35" x 47" and we recommend remaining within those parameters, but if you already have a poster printed from another conference that is a different size we will accommodate you.

What will be provided for the poster session?

We will provide the poster easel, poster board, and binder clips to secure your poster.

Can I mail my poster ahead of time to the Link Lab?

Yes, please plan on having a way to track your package. You can mail it to:

University of Virginia
151 Engineer's Way, Olsson Hall, Office 286
Charlottesville, VA 22903